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Medicine Cabinet Organizers A study printed a few years ago cited investigation proving that over-the-counter coughing medicines did nothing to get a child's cough. Okay, signify (mothers) something we would not already know. How many nights maybe you have sat up with your tired child while they coughed until they were, well sicker? Here's the solution - Frankincense & Myrrh Cold and also Flu Prevention Rubbing Essential oil. Remember your mother massaging Vick's Vapor Rub on your own chest and how miserable you are all night. This product is a chaffing oil that you massage as part of your child's feet (you will use it too). It raises immunity; it is antibacterial along with antiviral and keeps people coughs at bay all night. Amazing things do happen.

Medicine Cabinet Organizers I haven't had the actual flu since 1986. We order a homeopathic flu virus kit every year. You can buy those inside several forms, but the one particular I get contains a number of vials and you take a single single-use vial each week regarding four weeks and you are done. These types of kits are not available until eventually mid-October because the companies are causing the formulas much the same way disease vaccines are made - having tiny traces of infections so that your body will build up defense to the virus and be able to struggle it off. You can find these kinds of at I'm patiently waiting on mine now when i sit and watch quietly although all the hysteria over the swine flu vaccine swirls close to me.

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