Semi Custom Kitchen Cabinets


For a good quality RTA cabinet, make sure that each uses a cam lock assemblage. What is a cam lock construction? A cam lock putting your unit together is simply a locking method that you turn using a electric screwdriver to interlock the cupboard panels in place. It comes in a pair of versions: one is a hidden set up that uses a combination of pegs and rotating locks, even though the other one is an revealed cam lock which furthermore uses rotating locks. The two systems are simple work with and do not require any assemblage experience, which makes it a great alternative for home owners and/or amateur DIY Handymen.

Availability can also be a huge advantage to making use of RTA Cabinets for your home or bathroom project. One of the primary problems with custom cabinets may be the lead time required to obtain and get your cabinets over time for installation in your house. Almost all require 6-8 weeks so that you can produce and ship your own cabinets. With RTA cabinetry, you can walk into a home source store and buy them seeing that needed, or most RTA Importers/Distributors traditionally ship using 1-2 weeks (some possibly faster). This allows you to alter to the inevitable changes that may occur in your project, plus it won't slow you down in the event of miscalculations... the miscalculation with custom cases could delay your project for any additional 2-3 months.

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