Restaining Kitchen Cabinets


Restaining Kitchen Cabinets, How abundant countertop is enough? According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) a absolute of 158 inches (13'-2") of countertop frontage (not in corners) is bare to board all kitchen uses. Try to acquiesce a connected breadth of countertop of at atomic 36 inches advanced by 24 inches abysmal next to your primary plan area. The NKBA recommends that you acquiesce at atomic a 15 inch countertop breadth next to your oven and on the handle ancillary of your refrigerator.

When talking about storage, the NKBA recommends a absolute shelf/drawer frontage of 1400 inches for a baby kitchen (less again 150sf), 1700 inches for a average kitchen (151 to 350sf) and 2000 inches for a ample kitchen (over 350sf). What does this mean? Does this beggarly that I charge over 100' of shelves for a little kitchen? Well, yes, but, anniversary drawer or anniversary alone shelf should be counted appear the total. So if you accept a 24" advanced cabinet, 30" top with 3 shelves, you already accept 6' of shelving. And if there were a 24" abject chiffonier with 4 drawers, there's addition 8', so this one 24" breadth of your kitchen already has 14' of shelving.

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