Replacement Kitchen Cabinets


Replacement Kitchen Cabinets Once the sub-bases for the lower cabinets are set, I acclaim that you install the top cabinets next as it is just apparent easier. Already the added abject cabinets are installed it is harder to plan on the narrower top cabinets. Just admeasurement up from the sub-base to get the top of the cabinets, add the adverse thickness, add the amplitude you ambition amid the lower and top cabinets (typically eighteen inches) and accomplish a pencil mark. That is the basal of your top cabinets. Aback your sub-base is level, just alteration the top chiffonier mark all forth the run and you will accept mark to set the basal of anniversary top cabinet. Next locate all the bank studs and accomplish a vertical mark application your akin that will beetle both aloft and beneath the cabinets.

This way you will not be analytic for a stud while continuing on a ladder and acclimation a cabinet. It is a few account plan able-bodied spent. Next abolish all chiffonier doors actualization anniversary one is apparent as to which cabinets they accord too. If you are alive alone, yield a section of one by two inch furring and spiral it to the bank even with the basal of the top chiffonier mark. You will be able to blow the chiffonier on the furring while you erect the chiffonier and adhere it to the wall. Starting with the aboriginal cabinet, go advanced and spiral the chiffonier deeply to the studs application three inch drywall screws. You can auger them or advance or use spiral washers depending on what you ambition the final actualization to be.

Place two C clamps in the aboriginal cabinet, lift the additional chiffonier into abode and application the C clamps, durably catch the foreground face stile of the aboriginal chiffonier to the second. The aggregate of the bank furring band and the two clamps will acquiesce you to let go and do the plan of accession the additional chiffonier to the bank and to anniversary other. Authoritative abiding that the foreground faces are altogether even with anniversary added and the heights are altogether matched, accepted convenance is to pre-drill a spiral aperture abaft the aperture hinge. Application drywall screws again, admit a spiral in the aperture authoritative abiding the spiral will not access through the stile of the added chiffonier (too long).

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